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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Kind of like a meme, but one on the fly and without any rhyme of reason.

Random thing about me #1 - Whenever I eat pancakes I feel like I'm choking (no matter how slowly I eat) but they are my favorite breakfast food so I eat em anyway.

Random thing about me #2 - I write in the margins of my favorite books. I highlight the passages that stick out. I seek out books in the 25 cent bin of the library that have highlighting and notes so I can see what other people noticed. I shouldn't be allowed to borrow other people's books because I really want to write in theirs too, so instead I am forced to leave notecards inside of them.

Random thing about me #3 - my nose has very little cartilage in it. I can smoosh it and fold it in half, but seldom do it because it looks pretty gross.

Random thing about me #4 - if I love a song, I will listen to it on repeat for hours until I have the words memorized and I can pick out all the instruments.

Random thing about me #5 - I have been known to cry over a good song.

Random thing about me #6 - I have been known to cry over a bad song. (Please don't ever play "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News ... that one really gets me.

Random thing about me #7 - I love the smell of vanilla and oranges (I've been known to wear vanilla extract behind my ears but stopped because it was a little strange even for me). Closely following is the scent given off on a really hot day after it rains on the sidewalks. Hot concrete makes a wonderful smell when hit with a raindrop or two.

Random thing about me #8 - I love my family and friends fiercly and once I love you I'll do anything for you. I am however a number 4 on the enneagram (a romantic) and once you have done something to lose my trust you do not get it back. Perhaps not the best way to operate, but I didn't say I was perfect.

Random thing about me #9 - I used to love the book "matilda" by Dahl. I would sit and try to move things for hours at a time with my mind. I never got it to work, but I got some fantastic headaches and know fully what the smell of burning brain is like.

Random thing about me #10 - I am overjoyed to be becoming an Aunt. I think I'll make an excellent crazy Aunt Claire. I am also extremely happy to be someone's sister in law. I could not be happier to have Marty be a part of our family because he is the meow of the cat. =)

Random thing about me #11 - I used to be terribly hurt each time someone called me "weird". I then grew up and realized that I enjoy being weird, but have set my goals at one day being called eccentric, cuz that's just weird with money. =P

Random thing about me #12 - My favorite number is 3

Random thing about me #13 - I love cheese. I spend way too much time at the grocery store looking at the fancy cheeses and talking myself out of buying them. As I told some of you, I could spend the rest of my life eating crusty bread with cheeses, toasted with tomatoes with a tiny bit of salt on them. A glass of wine and HUZZAH!

Random thing about me #14 - I like very simplistic music - the fewer instruments the better.

Random thing about me #15 - I have a recurring nightmare where I get chased around a library by a clay-mation (the ragman from the Nutcracker fantasy... he turnes children who aren't in bed asleep when they are supposed to be into mice and puts them in his bag and runs off with them). I had ansomnia at a young age so the idea that not going to sleep would cause me to be taken from my family was scary!!!

Random thing about me #16 - I want to do so many different things that I have no idea which one to pick. I want to do voice-overs for cartoons, I want to be a pastry chef, I want to be an olympic gold medalist in diving (but I'm past my prime) and I want to have millions attend my concerts. However not that many people can fit into my car nor could they fit into the shower. (And I really don't want a million people in my shower either)

Random thing about me #17 - I enjoy junk. This includes junk food, junk books and junk music.

Random thing about me #18 - When I was little I wanted to be Jo March from Little Women. There was something oddly satisfying about donating my hair a few years back. I imagined everyone was gasping with shock after I took off my bonnet even though I had no bonnet... and it wasn't for trainfare for my mother so she could see my father who had been injured during the civil war... I also can't help but eat apples and cheese when I read Little Women. I also like to wear a hat when I write because I feel a little bit more Jo March-ish.

Random thing about me #19 - I try very hard to listen to what people say they like so I can give them things they really want for Christmas or Birthdays or whenever. I actually keep a running list in a book.

Random thoughts on my friends

Courtney - I love that face you make when someone teases you... the little nose scrunch. It always makes me giggle.
Marty - You are one of those fantastic people that automatically felt comfortable to be around even in silence.
Jenny - I love your cackle and your toes.
Justin - All the things about you sum up a person who all in all is one of the best people I have ever met. You have a wonderful laugh. =)
Mike - you have the BEST VOICE ever! I confess I want to hear you sing "MMmmm MMmmm MMmmm Mmmmm" or something else really low. Even when you talk there is such a songlike quality to your speech that makes me want to ask you questions just to hear you talk.
Caryn - When I think of you I automatically associate the color blue with you. Light blue (cornflower). I don't know why this is. I have been so happy to have gotten to know you this year!!! =)
Josh R - Oh mylanta! I'm always so happy to see you. (hence the cheering and clapping each Tuesday when you appear) You have one of the most fantastic smiles!
Dr. J. - I am ridiculously proud of you. I love how freakin feisty you are. I find myself waiting for you to talk because I know it's gonna be good.
Kaitlin - I think that you are honestly one of the most drop dead gorgeous people I've ever met. I'm not sexually harassing you I swear! :P I love playing office with you and have really enjoyed seeing you almost every day. =D
Josh P. - I love having a seafood buddy. =) You are also one of those people that cause me to have diarrhea of the mouth (lovely visual... sorry) that causes me to later think "what the hell caused me to talk so much" later. I also love that you wink at people.
Steve - I'm always on my toes when I'm around you! You tend to surprise me with the things that you say, but in a good way. =)
Elsa - Your unending love of your pets is endearing. Anyone who loves their pets enough to cook or bake for them is good people in my book. =D
Sarah - you take some damn fine photos! I love how much your causes mean to you and how that makes them causes to other people. =) I miss you! I think you are also a wonderful mother and you made a beautiful kid. (I LOVE THAT SHE LOVES TO EAT LEMONS!!!!!!!)

Wow... did I just say all that??????

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Today I am Free!

My dear dear friends,
Today I grew the biggest set of brass ones. I went to the jail to see John and to tell him what I think of him and what he has done to us all. It hurt so much to see him, but I needed to see bad John so I could remember that he is bad. This is the first time I've seen him since all of this happened (other than in the papers). I told him how much I hate him for what he has done. I told him that he made me a victim, but that he doesn't get to keep me there because I refuse to stay one. The very last things I told him were to

1) leave my family alone so we can all move on with our lives (this includes his family too)
2) I hate him and he makes me angry
3) He owes my family an apology and I won't do it for him. It's up to him to do it and they can listen if they choose to do so.
4) I am keeping his electronics and dvd's and cd's and everything that is within the possession of my family. I am selling it. Either that or he could choose to let me sue him and come after him with all I have. He chose the first option.
5) I told him to get a public defender and stop f@#$ing up his parents lives.

I am free. I am feisty.

I feel myself change more and more each day and know that there are other forces keeping me going. My chest is sometimes on fire from so much energy but it is good. I love you all. Let's have some fun now. =)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Frickin' Frackin' Freya Friday Folks!

Now dear readers I know you have come here expecting to have your usual Swedish lesson, but this week I thought maybe you would like to learn about Scandanavian culture. =) This is when I look back at the wonderful things the Swedes have done (Ikea... and ass kicking)and come to an understanding as to why I am the way that I am... ;) Here's a little bit of Norse Mythology for you involving my favorite Giantess, Skadhi!

Skadhi - Skadhi was the daughter of the giant Thjazi (Thjassi), who blackmailed Loki into using his cunning to deliver the Goddess Iduna and her apples of youth into his power. During the subsequent rescue of Iduna, Thjazi was killed by the Aesir. Skadhi, wearing full armor, marched into Asgard to demand wergild - the blood price exacted by Norse law for killing a man. She scorned the Aesir's offer of money, claiming she had plenty of gold in father's home back in Jotunheim. She wanted only two things: One of the gods must become her husband, and someone must make her laugh, some thing she claimed she had not done since the death of her father. Loki took care of the second part by tying the beard of one of Thor's goats to his testicles and capering around the high hall of Asgard, finally collapsing onto Skadhi's lap. Even a giantess could not resist this, so it seems. As for the other demand, the Aesir agreed to grant Skadhi a husband, but she had to pick him out by viewing only his feet. Skadhi had a notion to marry Balder, and she figured that since he was the most beautiful of the gods, he must have beautiful feet. She was somewhat disappointed to find out the feet she picked belonged to the sea god, Nj├Ârdhr, the father of Freyr and Freyja, whose feet were particularly white and beautiful from his constant walking through the sea and sand.

Yeeeeehaw! I must keep these method of;
1) choosing a marriage partner
2) things to do on a Friday night when you need a giggle in mind. =)

I have plenty of goats at my beck and call! Come Lingonberry, let us go forth and entertain the peoples!