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Friday, June 02, 2006

Frickin' Frackin' Freya Friday Folks!

Now dear readers I know you have come here expecting to have your usual Swedish lesson, but this week I thought maybe you would like to learn about Scandanavian culture. =) This is when I look back at the wonderful things the Swedes have done (Ikea... and ass kicking)and come to an understanding as to why I am the way that I am... ;) Here's a little bit of Norse Mythology for you involving my favorite Giantess, Skadhi!

Skadhi - Skadhi was the daughter of the giant Thjazi (Thjassi), who blackmailed Loki into using his cunning to deliver the Goddess Iduna and her apples of youth into his power. During the subsequent rescue of Iduna, Thjazi was killed by the Aesir. Skadhi, wearing full armor, marched into Asgard to demand wergild - the blood price exacted by Norse law for killing a man. She scorned the Aesir's offer of money, claiming she had plenty of gold in father's home back in Jotunheim. She wanted only two things: One of the gods must become her husband, and someone must make her laugh, some thing she claimed she had not done since the death of her father. Loki took care of the second part by tying the beard of one of Thor's goats to his testicles and capering around the high hall of Asgard, finally collapsing onto Skadhi's lap. Even a giantess could not resist this, so it seems. As for the other demand, the Aesir agreed to grant Skadhi a husband, but she had to pick him out by viewing only his feet. Skadhi had a notion to marry Balder, and she figured that since he was the most beautiful of the gods, he must have beautiful feet. She was somewhat disappointed to find out the feet she picked belonged to the sea god, Nj├Ârdhr, the father of Freyr and Freyja, whose feet were particularly white and beautiful from his constant walking through the sea and sand.

Yeeeeehaw! I must keep these method of;
1) choosing a marriage partner
2) things to do on a Friday night when you need a giggle in mind. =)

I have plenty of goats at my beck and call! Come Lingonberry, let us go forth and entertain the peoples!


  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger fat little pug said…

    Skadhi is awesome. I wish to meet your goat named Ligonberry.

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