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Thursday, July 13, 2006


So I gone done it
I finally came to a point where I was so nutrient deprived and yicky that I decided it was time to eat some meat. Thinking back on it... I haven't eaten meat since 1995 or 1996...

Reasons why I thought this was a good decision...

1) I wasn't doing it for moral reasons, but because I made a bet with my sister back in the day that I could be a vegetarian longer than her.... she lasted what, a day? I WIN!!!!
2) If I do end up going to culinary school, I will have to take an entire section on butchering.... and I don't know how well that could have gone.
3) Also thinking on culinary school - how can I tell someone the dish is good if I myself haven't tasted it?


I've gone a bit meat crazy in the past few days
I started with a ham sandwich
I was so sick I wanted to die
The next day I thought, why the heck not... some beef with brocolli
Then for lunch today a pulled pork sandwich
I still have many meats to tackle before my checklist is complete...

the gyro is coming up
as is chicken
and turkey
and anything that will stand still long enough for me to eat it....


and now people having way too much fun with their food in a photo called "meat fashion"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Introducing . . .

The most wonderfulest child to have ever lived
Benjamin Xavier
Born : June 29, 2006
19 inches long
7lb 12 oz
to Marty and Courtney who are very happy happy happy!

and oh yeah who loves you enough to knit you that fancy blanket?? AUNTIE CLAIRE!!! (Soon to be Aunt AAARRRRRRRRRRRR the Pirate Queen or ye'll be walking the plank)