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Friday, April 28, 2006

Threatening messages from Esser Hayes!

HAHAHA - this message was in my inbox today , reminding me that I need to keep the people satisfied - the names have been removed to protect the innocent... (the innocent in this case being Josh Polak)

So, like, you’re too good to update your blog once in a while?

Think that we can all just reread the Billy Ward story and be satisfied with that?

Jenny may not be on the ball every day, but at least I’ve had some periodic playful pug picture perusal to pass the time.

Hope you and John are doing well,

Unsatisfied blog reader #442

Well my darling blog reader (since there is only one reader out there) here is something new! And here, as our free gift to you, is a photo I took on Earth Day of some Crab Apple Blossoms. =D The first one has the focus on the blossoms furthest away.

And with the focus on the closest blossom....